The Equipe Blog

This Blog is not about us, its about the other members of Equipe also known as our guests.
Its about what the did, what they achieved, what they like and we hope the stories inspire you for your stay or cool things to do.

Covid measures at Equipe

What we do

Before the outbreak we already had focus on clean and tidy rooms & public areas. We will do so even more with government approved cleaning materials and desinfectant used in all areas. At every entrance there is a desinfectant dispenser. We work following the new protocols for social distancing & cleanliness.
The amount of external visitors is limited to only the urgent visits.
As a small Guesthouse we can work safely and we limit the capacity in the coming months if we have different travel groups.

Breakfast and diner

We work cleanly and very hygienic and will assure all glasses, plates and cutlery is clean as can be.
We never did buffet breakfast and every travel group /couple will be served seperately. Keeping distance is easy in our guest area but if needed we do a breakfast shift.


  • Check in & out times: We need to limit old and new guests interacting and we need to make sure every room is cleaned to perfection. 10:30 and 15h are the times
  • Spaces in house are tested large enough to maintain social distancing
  • After sports:  use a towel we provide at entrance, put it in the bin for it desinfect your hands before leaving garage or entering and go and shower.
    We do not want you at the group areas or use furniture while sweaty. Also shower first before using the pool.

Come prepared

In Spain there is a €100 fine if you do not wear a facemask . A mask is obligatory outside, instores etc. It is not while doing sports activities
Take care during your stay:
– Keep distance at all times; dont hug or kiss
– Eat outside as much as possible
– Take your own mask & hand sanitizer
– Wash your hands frequently
– Immediately tell us if you are not feeling well
– Also do not wash your own clothes and hang them to dry. Hand them over in the plastic bag we provide.

Yes its a lot of measurements but assures the safest stay possible.


Patta Running Team Rocacorba trail

Thanks to Jeroen van Eck for words below!

For me running, or any sports is a platform to meet new people and have new experiences. Running doesn’t come easy for me, but I enjoy to take running seriously.
For this reason, I’m a member of the Patta Running Team; a casual running team from Amsterdam and Rotterdam. I’m currently training for my first triathlon (Olympic distance) this summer in Amsterdam.
Once a year, our team aims to participate in a running event out of my/our comfort zone. As a road runner, trail running is definitely out of my comfort zone.

Together with Mick – founder of Equipe Girona and a member of our team as well – we picked a Girona classic: the Rocacorba 20 kilometre trail race with around 1,000 metres of elevation. We stayed at the Equipe guesthouse a few days upfront and a few days after the race.

Mick and Wilma are such lovely hosts. From the moment we arrived, I felt at home right away. The house is modern and very cosy. It accomodates both being on my own – to read a book – and to enjoy the presence of the team in the beautiful shared living space. Mick took us out for a few pre-race runs, and to enjoy the scenery around Girona.

The race itself was a beast. The surrounding nature is stunning, the elevation is killing, and the descent thumped on my thighs like an annoying toothache. The Rocacorba was probably the most physically challenging race I participated in. I’ve also never felt so proud of finishing a race as I did that day.

I’m looking forward to returning to the Equipe Guesthouse soon for a few days of bike riding

Maap Cycling apparel at Equipe

Last Oktober we had a crew over from Maap shooting the fab late summer jersey range.  The weather wasnt fully ccoperating but end result are nice. We loved having the crew over and supporting their shoot. So awesome to see our house and nearby roads featured in the pictures!
Thanks Maaps Monty and Mitch for making this happen and for the kind positive feedback.

We hope to see you again soon!