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This Blog is not about us, its about the other members of Equipe also known as our guests.
Its about what the did, what they achieved, what they like and we hope the stories inspire you for your stay or cool things to do.

What’s new in Girona..

Ever since pandemic the town has been buzzing with new initiatives, cycling, coffee and food. Girona is more than a cycling hotspot.  So to start with some shops.. and future projects on that front:
Castelli opened its flagship store, great design and lovely team. They do a social ride every thursday. Then Trek opened the flagship store, also for rental bikes a good spot. Then future projects. Velodrom already had a fashion shop on the rambla. But rumor has it a great shop is coming, it will be even more amazing then their Barcelona one. And the shop that might have sparked the trendy cycling boom in Girona.. The Service Course is moving to a great location in the same street as they are now. Some outdoor area and coffee.
Coffee and food.. Syrah from Barcelona has landed but also a lovely shop called tramuntana serves great coffee as well as local products and beverages. Next door there is the Bikini shop from the Roca brothers (of the 3 star michelin place) and no its not the swimwear. But toasted sandwiches. Ice cream wise the town was mourning about Bombonera closing. But hey behold the Roli Gelateria and Bambolina are stunning alternatives.
So for road or gravel riding its an amazing town but we are happy to share our list with great places to visit. 3 days is not enough for sure.
We keep on pushing to be the best cycling friendly hotel in Girona.


more on our cycling B&B/hotel in Girona

We often get some questions about our stay. We are a guesthouse, however we feel its more like a classic Bed & Breakfast or maybe even a hotel with a personal touch.
Perfect for a cyclist that enjoys the riding or just a relaxed holiday enjoying Girona and Catalunya. So maybe you could call us the real cyclinghotel in Girona.

Mick & Wilma are always available for any questions, how to get to town (walk/bus), routes or even getting you to the best restaurants in town. We are happy to help you enjoy your stay. Also for guiding, Mick can take you out on the best gravel or road rides in the region, easy and enjoyable, not getting lost. All with the best stops.

Regarding groups: our focus is on small groups (4 persons), couples and solo travellers.
If you come alone, we make sure you have returned safe. We had many solo travellers, girls and boys enjoy a stay with us.

So for one of the best cycling stays in Girona.. Equipe.


Spring in Winter in Girona

We have noticed that many guests focus is on spring and autumn for travelling to Girona for riding and running.
If we knew back when we were travelling here how good winter riding can be.. Girona can be spring in winter for sure.
We would have def come december or february. Often its still short weather and much less rain on average then in April for instance. Temperature can be cold in morning (8-10c)  but comfy in afternoons up to 18c. But dry and you will def see some sun. Happiness compared to grey wet days.
So get your kit right bring a bar bag and you got perfect days for long rides as we get hour extra daylight vs the northern countries. Doing the #festive500 is easy here and so much fun.  And in winter we might throw in a guided ride with your 3 night booking.

this was early december 2022!


Here is february for you!