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This Blog is not about us, its about the other members of Equipe also known as our guests.
Its about what the did, what they achieved, what they like and we hope the stories inspire you for your stay or cool things to do.

Patta Running Team Rocacorba trail

Thanks to Jeroen van Eck for words below!

For me running, or any sports is a platform to meet new people and have new experiences. Running doesn’t come easy for me, but I enjoy to take running seriously.
For this reason, I’m a member of the Patta Running Team; a casual running team from Amsterdam and Rotterdam. I’m currently training for my first triathlon (Olympic distance) this summer in Amsterdam.
Once a year, our team aims to participate in a running event out of my/our comfort zone. As a road runner, trail running is definitely out of my comfort zone.

Together with Mick – founder of Equipe Girona and a member of our team as well – we picked a Girona classic: the Rocacorba 20 kilometre trail race with around 1,000 metres of elevation. We stayed at the Equipe guesthouse a few days upfront and a few days after the race.

Mick and Wilma are such lovely hosts. From the moment we arrived, I felt at home right away. The house is modern and very cosy. It accomodates both being on my own – to read a book – and to enjoy the presence of the team in the beautiful shared living space. Mick took us out for a few pre-race runs, and to enjoy the scenery around Girona.

The race itself was a beast. The surrounding nature is stunning, the elevation is killing, and the descent thumped on my thighs like an annoying toothache. The Rocacorba was probably the most physically challenging race I participated in. I’ve also never felt so proud of finishing a race as I did that day.

I’m looking forward to returning to the Equipe Guesthouse soon for a few days of bike riding

Maap Cycling apparel at Equipe

Last Oktober we had a crew over from Maap shooting the fab late summer jersey range.  The weather wasnt fully ccoperating but end result are nice. We loved having the crew over and supporting their shoot. So awesome to see our house and nearby roads featured in the pictures!
Thanks Maaps Monty and Mitch for making this happen and for the kind positive feedback.

We hope to see you again soon!


Helen Shelly’s (Aus) stay & Haute Route Pyrenees

Girona August 2019;
I spent a week recently staying at Equipe Guesthouse on her way from Australia to race in the Haute Route Pyrenees. Girona is renowned among Aussie cyclists as a mecca for riding and training. With the mixture and choice of hills or flats, coast or hinterland, gravel or bitumen. I realized I could combine them into daily mecca rides!! Aside from the diverse riding, I found the drivers considerate towards cyclists ,Safe + relaxed = great riding.  Plus the choice of bicycle friendly cafes with great coffee and delicious pastries enhancing the experience even more!.
I have over 35 years experience of bicycle racing and touring, with the last 20 years spent mainly on the mountain bike. In preparation for the move back to road racing from gravel,  Mick from Equipe was able to assist with road descending and long hill climbing technique. Mick’s advise was perfect  to focus on during the HR Pyrenees event, building confidence and performance level.  Mick also sorted out a couple of mechanical issues with my bike. Wilma from Equipe prepared nutritional tasty food and drinks to ensure I felt strong, well and rested.The Haute Route Pyrenees course featured a total of 719km and 18320m of climbing over 7 days. I won my age category and finished 6th Female Overall.

Helen climbing one of the big Pyrenees mountains


Liked best?

  • Gravel bike riding through the corn, sunflower and olive tree plantations.
  • Great Tapas bars and authentic Catalan food
  • Good coffee
  • My Equipe musette bag
  • Warm Summer Weather
  • Friendly cycling community

Helen starting her time trail in her endless kit