Gravel racing: is Girona the EU capitol?

How it started and how its going
When we first came to Girona in 2017 gravel was in its infancy. When plans for moving were getting real in 2018 and Mick was going to be travelling from and to Girona in 2019 Christian Meier said: Why not a gravel bike in Girona. So a Belle GRAR gravel bike and an extra wheelset was way to go. And since then we been a fan of exploring the vast amount of gravel here. Shortly after purchasing that bike gravel really took off..
In 2020 the first Traka was organised. And this year it will be bigger than ever with nearly 1000 participants. And now many professionals, teams even.. Last week the 3 days Santa Vall (from same organisers as The Traka) had large part of field of professional or semi pros. Men as well as girls. In Autumn Klassmark organises another big race in Lleida, about an hour from Girona.
Also cool and gravel based is the Sgrail off road triathlon in october, more based on fun but definitely a cool challenge.

Less competitive events
There are many other events competitive or not based here.
In september and 15th of june we have guests doing El Piri, 850km and 20k m climbing. Then there is (winter) gravel events from Velodrom the Komrebi series based around Girona and Barcelona, The Service Course organises regular gravel bonanza events and in November the Girodeo. MM gravel grinder events are not far from Girona either, from long rides to semi competition day events.
Also for the girls there is a strong womens gravel ride scene, with the Girona Gravel Girls and occasional events from The Service Course. Also keep an eye out on a platform like linkmyride!

Equipe helps!
So when you come here for a week of gravel riding we make sure you are informed on the events/rides that are happening. We have plenty of routes too.
At events we make sure you get the breakfast on time for your start and support you in the best way possible. A just race kind of place!